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the most innovative
fireplace insert
fire line automatic by planika
Patented BEV
Burning Ethanol Vapours
Patented & Certified
4 stages
Renewable & Green Source of Energy
No smell, No smoke, No residues
Burning Ethanol Vapours
The Automatic Inserts are the most advanced and the safest products on the market. The unique, patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours Technology) has been invented to develop fireplaces which do not emit any harmful substances, being completely odourless and smokeless.
Technology & Safety
Planika owns an advanced laboratory, in which our staff tests every model before selling and researches new technologies.Our products comply the most restrictive requirements, which allowed to gain several certificates.The positive result of the certification process is the proof that our products comply with the requirements of technical rules related to the safety of use. Planika's environmentally-friendly products do not affect the user's health.
Tailored to your needs
Join as many as you like and operate
them with just one remote control.
To live up to Planika clients’ requirements, we have provided the opportunity to customize the length of the Fire Line Automatic for their own use. The bio fireplaces can be joined and operated with a single remote control, increasing user’s comfort and creating an endless line of fire.
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Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA3)
Fire Line Automatic 3 is the most innovative bioethanol fireplace by Planika. Thanks to its advanced technology, everybody can enjoy real fire without smoke, smell or ash. The device is based on a patented fuel delivery system (BEV Technology), because of which only heated fuel vapours are burned, optimizing the work of the fireplace. In case of malfunction, the safety sensors (e.g. CO2 sensor or overflow sensor) will turn the device off.
FLA3 in casing A
Fire Line Automatic 3 is the most advanced product in Planika’s catalogue. The fireplace is equipped with an electronic system used for regulating the flame size and the burning time at client’s convenience. The device is operated with a remote control and optimized with a built-in WiFi system, offering wireless access to the fireplace. It can be programmed so as to operate the fireplace remotely over a WIFI connection using a tablet or smartphone.
Fire Line Automatic 2 (FLA2)
Fire Line Automatic 2 is a unique automatic ethanol fireplace dedicated to architects and interior designers. Its useful features such as no smoke, soot or smell, original design, long fire and control panel makes it a very interesting bio fireplace and an exclusive decorative element. Also, It can be integrated with a Smart Home System by using additional Smart controller.
FLA2 in casing A
Planika decided to combine several items into one product giving an infinite number of possibilities of arranging a fireplace surround. Now available FLA2 in Casing A. We provided the opportunity to purchase Fire Line Automatic in specially prepared casing, giving users much more freedom in how to treat the visible part of the fireplace.
FLA2 model E
Fire Line Automatic 2 model E is launched only by pressing a button on the control panel. If the fireplace is working, it is not possible to open the inlet flap. This new model is equipped with a hidden control panel used for regulating the flame size and optimal fuel consumption. It allows for fast and easy operation of the fireplace as well as comfort and safety of use.
FLA2 model E in casing E
Planika combined several items into one product and provided the opportunity to purchase Fire Line Automatic model E in specially prepared casing, giving users some innovative ideas that can be incorporated into any home design. FLA2 model E in Casing E complies the technical norms that ensure the highest level of safety.
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